KAPP-CHEMIE is a medium-sized company within the chemical industry, employing approximately 100 people. The company was founded in 1970 and has been part of the STOCKMEIER Group in Bielefeld since 2007. Our focus is on the development, production and distribution of specialised chemical products for the tissue and textile industries.

In the tissue sector, flexographic printing inks and glues – particularly for the tissue industry – as well as paper auxiliaries and cleaning agents form the core of the business. Beyond that, compounds for technical textiles, as well as process chemicals for the pretreatment, and products for the garment finishing are produced. Powdered and liquid special products form another core area of the business. These products are not only developed, produced and filled, but are also customised and distributed on behalf of our clients. Furthermore, KAPP-CHEMIE has many years of experience in tabletting powdered products and filling in water-soluble plastic films

KAPP-CHEMIE’s extensive and modern product range also shows its expertise in the area of process development. The development of new and the improvement of existing formulations are our everyday business. Taking over the task of the application technique for the customer is part of our service and is completed on site as well.

With representations in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America, KAPP-CHEMIE is internationally present.

A certified quality management system, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, guarantees our customers consistently high quality products. Our modern in-house laboratory permanently monitors the quality of the products and of the raw materials in use.

We place great importance on environmentally sound production processes when manufacturing our products. Our major goals within environmental protection measures are the reduction or prevention of emissions, as well as the responsible and economic use of natural resources. Our commitment to protect the environment is part of our self-image and remains an essential aspect of our actions.

Customer service takes top priority. Personal and knowledgeable contacts, direct project management support, and guaranteed utmost product quality form the basis for long-term, reliable, and successful working relationships


Industriestraße 2-4 | 56357 Miehlen
Fon: +49 6772 / 9311 - 0 | Fax: +49 / 6772 / 6528 and 2150
E-Mail: info@kapp-chemie.com

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