The Services Division offers individual and customer coordinated services. Superior products are developed, produced and filled, assembled and distributed for customers. The main focus is on washing, cleaning and care products. Besides this, additives for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products are produced under GMP conditions.
At the same time, mixed chemical products in the form of powders and pastes as well as liquids are produced and further processed. Focusing on customer needs is the highest priority of our service sector. Besides technical application work, new compositions for customers are also developed and existing ones are improved. The Services Division consistently implements the slogan of KAPP-CHEMIE: Improve the Best.
Our service spectrum:


We develop new compounds as well as modify and improve existing ones. We also take over your technical application work as requested.

 Our modern production plants featuring high performance mixing kettles, stirring devices and powder mixing systems are at your disposal. You can entrust us with even challenging tasks, such as the spraying of powders with liquids and the homogenisation of dispersions and emulsions.

Detergent additives

Development and production of sheets and detergency enhancers, such as color catcher and stain remover, fabric whitening sheets or oxy powder


Products manufactured by us or by you in the form of liquid, pastes or powder are completely and reliably filled in tubular bags (also made of water soluble plastic film), standard bags, big bags, cans, bottles, canisters, barrels, containers or tankers


Pressing of powder into tablets, for example, stain remover tabs, decalcifier tabs, coffee machine cleaner tabs


Coding, labelling, boxing, placing on pallets, shrink wrapping – our employers will package your orders as required.


We offer the gamut, ranging from storage to delivery, to you or your customers. Our vehicles are safe, on-time and reliable. We also provide product declaration forms and registration, as well as compile safety data sheets in different languages that meet the specific regulations of the various destination countries.