The Services Business Area offers individual and customer coordinated services. Superior products are developed, produced and filled, assembled and distributed for customers. The main focus is on washing, cleaning and care products. Besides this, additives for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products are produced under GMP conditions.

At the same time, mixed chemical products in the form of powders and pastes as well as liquids are produced and processed further. Focusing on customer usage in this service sector has highest priority. Besides technical application work, new compositions for the customers are also developed and existing ones improved. The slogan of KAPP-CHEMIE "Improve the Best" is consequently implemented in this sector.

Our performance spectrum:


Development of new formulations of chemical-technical products and adaptation or improvement of existing ones


Modern production facilities for the manufacturing of liquid, pasty and powdered mixed products

Detergent additives

Development and production of sheets and detergency enhancers such as color catcher and stain remover, fabric whitening sheets or oxy powder


In tubular bags (also made of water soluble plastic film), standard bags, big bags, cans, bottles, canisters, barrels, containers or tankers


Pressing of powder into tablets, for example, stain remover tabs, decalcifier tabs, coffee machine cleaner tabs


Coding, labeling, boxing, palletizing, shrink wrapping


Storage, delivery (also with own trucks), product declaration and registration, compiling safety data and accident procedure sheets

Purchasing of raw material

World-wide sources of supply for surfactants, sequestering agents, oxidizing and reducing agents, as well as organic and inorganic raw materials