Improve the Best

We are committed to this principle in the three Business areas of KAPP-CHEMIE: paper, textile, and services.

KAPP-CHEMIE develops, produces and distributes specialised chemical products for the paper industry. Aqueous flexographic printing inks for toilet paper, kitchen rolls, napkins, cardboards and films are core products. In addition to the flexographic printing inks, we offer the appropriate glue systems for hygienic papers (as concentrates, ready for use or coloured). Currently we are the sole supplier of this merchandise. Our superior products are individually developed and manufactured in concurrence with our clients’ input.

In the textile industry, our products, compounds and processes are established in all areas of textile finishing. In addition to the classical range of process chemistry products, we specialise in effect chemicals, such as flame retardants and functional coatings. Furthermore, our custom-made solutions are valued in the car, building, and insulation industries.
In the garment sector we develop products and processes which shape the current fashion of denim products.

Our customer service department offers individual and personalised coordinated services. We work closely with you in order to develop, produce and fill, as well as assemble and distribute our superior products. The focus lies on detergents, cleaning and personalised care products. We also produce additives for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products under GMP conditions. In doing so, we produce and process powdered, pasty, liquid and chemically mixed products.